How to Build A Ticket Selling Website On Shopify

Are you an event organizer, manager, or run theater concerts? One of your tasks is to sell tickets. You need people to buy tickets to avoid last minute rush and enhance planning. With advancement in technology, selling tickets online is becoming a good idea. This allows you to reach out to more audience. Also, it allows prospects to purchase tickets at their convenience.
As customers look for other hot deals online, you must ensure your events are searchable. Your prospects must access the tickets without any problem. As such, you need a well-designed and attractive online ticketing store. Shopify allows you to set up such a store and reach out to your prospective customers. Here are the steps to follow:

Creating an online store

The first step is creating an online store. This step involves filling in details about your business. When you click the Shopify try for the free button, a form will pop up. The form contains a space for filling in your email address, password, and your store name. If you give your store a name of a shop that is already in operation, Shopify will inform you. By this, it means that your store will have a unique name and no one can copy it. Upon filling in the details, you need to click the create your store button. This way, you will complete the initial step.

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Filling information about you and your business

Now, you have an online store. However, you need to fill in details about what you are going to sell. If you are already selling online, you will indicate your revenue level. Upon this, you will move to the next step that involves entering information about you. You will provide your name, address, phone number, and website – if you have one. When you complete this step, you head on to your store.

Adding a product for sale

The purpose of your Shopify store is to sell tickets. You do not need to struggle with adding this product to your store. Go to the add product button on the left side of your store. Add the ticket you want to sell online. You need to offer details about the ticket and its price. You will also fill other information about your product such as title, description, and vendor. After filling in the necessary information, you need to save them before proceeding to the next step.

Customize your online ticketing store

As you know, being unique is the key to making sales online. Your Shopify store for selling tickets must match with your product to enhance marketing. Customization option allows you to choose your favorite color and upload your logo. Also, you have an opportunity to choose a theme for your store. Ensure you go for a theme which is in line with your business. As an online ticket seller, your template must reflect your ticketing business. Hence, take time to search for a great theme.

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Domain registration and payment activation

If you have a domain name, you can move on to connect your Shopify ticketing store with it. In case you do not own one, Shopify allows you to register your domain name. It is an easy step. When you have the domain, and everything else is ready, it is time to activate your payment option. Your customers need a payment processing option.
Shopify offers different payment gateways that you can select. According to your customers select different gateways. With the completion of this step, you now have a Shopify store for selling your tickets online.
As you can see, creating a Shopify ticket selling store is not a hard task.

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